Friday, March 2, 2007

Legal Services for Less

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., and Subsidiaries
Providing quality legal care for
North America's families since 1972
When you need a lawyer,
you'll be really glad you have one!
Anytime you have a legal problem or question, you can have access to a quality law firm
through a Pre-Paid Legal membership. Now the services of a capable lawyer and
preventive legal care are just a phone call away!
You have many rights as an American citizen today. Pre-Paid Legal Services can show
you how to protect your legal rights at a low cost. With Pre-Paid Legal, you can prepay
your most common legal needs, much like you prepay your medical needs. It is important
to know and exercise your legal rights as an American citizen.
For less than a buck a day. One little dollar. You probably have one crumpled up in your
pocket right now. You could feed it to a vending machine, or you could have access to
the legal system for a low monthly cost through Pre-Paid Legal.
Which is worth more to you? A cup of coffee or peace of mind knowing you have access
to a legal lawyer when you need one. To learn more on how to access the legal system
with a Pre-Paid Legal membership for a low monthly cost call your local Independent
Associate today!
Business Opportunity
Independent marketing associates needed to sell legal service plans offered by Pre-Paid
Legal a 30 plus-year-old NYSE company. Unlimited income potential and training provided.
Is your current job taking you nowhere? As a Pre-Paid Legal Independent Associate, you
can set your own hours and be your own boss because you're in business for yourself, but not
by yourself. If you are interested in full or part time marketing opportunity with Pre-Paid Legal,
or would like to know more about our legal service plans, call your Independent Associate today!
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